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Far infrared
Soil reflecting our ancestors’ wisdom - Natural loess
1. Ingredients of loess
- Silicone accounts for 30% of the earth’s crust. Loess emits far infrared rays and negative ions, which are often called “airborne vitamins.” In addition, loess has a large amount of catalase, an active yeast. Catalase yeast funguses restore and decompose active oxygen and LPO, which are the main causes of aging.
A spoonful of red clay has 200 million microorganisms, catalase, diphenol oxidase, saccharose, protease, etc. Also, loess has a large amount of CaCo3, which makes it sticky and clay-like in the water.
2. Efficiency of loess

Before the test of the loess fomentation device / After the test

- Neutralizing acid constitution
: As there is a lot of active yeast in microorganisms living in the loess, the yeast neutralizes the acidified body. It also emits negative ions.

- Providing minerals
: Loess has more than 25 essential minerals, providing the major components composing blood, bones, hair.

- Regulating humidity
: Loess absorbs moisture when it is humid, and emits it when it is dry.

- Anti-bacterial function

: Loess suppresses the growth of mold and various kinds of germs, and absorbs food and tobacco smells quickly.

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