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Far infrared
Far infrared
1. Ingredients of far infrared
The range of infrared rays on the electromagnetic spectrum As far infrared rays have a long wavelength, they are not visible, and are absorbed into the water, where they resonate against organic compounds.
When a wavelength is long, it absorbs well into the water. Therefore, people feel warm when they are exposed to infrared rays. For example, you don’t feel warm in 30℃ water, but you feel warm when you are exposed to sunlight of the same temperature. This is because the far infrared rays of the sun infiltrate deeply into the skin
2. Efficiency of loess

Measurement of red blood cells before and after the use of the far infrared fomentation device

- Thermal effect
: far infrared rays apply the same amount of heat to the surface of subjects, dramatically reducing drying time. They increase the temperature under the surface at the same time, raising the temperature of subcutaneous layers, stimulating blood circulation and the metabolism of blood, the body and other tissues.

- Rearing effect
: Far infrared rays are strongly applied to the water, stimulating the metabolic activity of plants to accelerate growth. As water molecules vigorously exercise, they prevent roots from decaying.

- Ripening effect
: Far infrared rays are easily wettable. For this reason, ginseng liquor that has been ripened for 72 hours has the same effect as ginseng liquor with a 5-year maturation period. It is good for stimulating physical growth.

- Self-purification
: As it stimulates blood circulation of the body, it keeps the balance of nutritional supply.

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