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Thank you for your continued interest in Allpack Co., Ltd. / AllPackmall Co. .
My name is Jang Gon Jin, and I am the CEO of All Pack, which is specializing in the manufacture of loess fomentation devices, in keeping with the current well-being trend.

Allpack Co., Ltd. / AllPackmall Co. is continuously developing loess/ well-being products and is working to contribute to our country’s competitiveness under our management slogan of “green environment, bright future, and mutual trust.” We are a world-class eco-friendly well-being company that always thinks first of our customers’ health. Thanks to our products, households and businesses can easily enjoy the benefits of fomentation. AllPack’s products relieve fatigue and atopic dermatitis, help women recover from menopause, and stimulate blood circulation. They have also been developed for use as so-called blanket-free beds.

“Your family’s health is key to happiness.”
Allpack Co., Ltd. / AllPackmall Co. will keep you young and healthy by continuously developing loess fomentation devices and health products.
Thank you again for your continued support and attention.

AllPack Co., Ltd. / AllPackmall Co. CEO
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