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Patent and certification
1. Quality certificate/ Commendation
ISO14001-All Pack Mall
ISO 9001-All Pack
ISO 14001-All Pack
ISO9001-All Pack Mall
2. Electricity safety certificate
Electricity safety certificate
AP8-Safety certificate
AP200-Safety certificate
AP200Q-Safety certificate
3. Utility model registration
0349101-Utility model registration
0352633-Utility model registration
4. Design registration
Design registration-1
Design registration-2
Design registration-3
Design registration-4
Design registration-5
5. Trademark registration
Trademark registration-0611693
Trademark registration-0612650
Trademark registration-0624428
Trademark registration-0624429
Trademark registration-0596168
Trademark registration-0596166
Trademark registration-0596167
Trademark registration-0596169
Trademark registration-0611012
Trademark registration-0611015
6. Service mark registration
Service mark registration-0107116
Service mark registration-0107117
Service mark registration-0114418
Service mark registration-0114419
Service mark registration-0114420
Service mark registration-0119740
7. Business certificate
Business certificate-1
Business certificate-2
Business certificate-3
Business certificate-4
Service mark registration-0114420
8. Overseas certification
Business certificate-1
Business certificate-1
Business certificate-1
9. Report of analysis result
Report of analysis result -1
Report of analysis result -2
Report of analysis result -3
Report of analysis result -3
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